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Q1: What is the relationship between CUHK and CUHK-Shenzhen?
A: CUHK-Shenzhen follows the same tradition and academic standard as CUHK, operating under a "one brand, two campuses" philosophy. CUHK-Shenzhen conforms to the standards of CUHK for professional establishment, curriculum outlines and recruiting leading academic staffs. The degree certificate is issued by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our degree is recognized by the ministry of education, which can be certified in the Ministry of Education Service Centre.

Q2: How many intakes do you have each year and when do courses start?
A: CUHK-Shenzhen has one intake of students per academic year, usually commencing in August with pre-term courses.

Q3: How many students are admitted each year?
A: Around 60 new students for each year.

Q4: If I don’t yet have all the required supporting documents, can I still go ahead and submit an application?
A: Candidates are advised to submit applications while still preparing language test. Those who have not yet taken language test should indicate their scheduled test date on their application form.

Q5: What are accommodation arrangements like? Will there be a dormitory available for me on CUHK-Shenzhen’s campus?
A: Yes, a dormitory is available on campus for every students. For master students, 3 students share one room. The accommodation cost is RMB 1,200 per year for 2019 Intake.

Q6: What language is being used in teaching at CUHK-Shenzhen?
A: The teaching language in CUHK-Shenzhen is English.

Q7: Can I claim course exemptions for my previous studies?
A: Students may be granted exemption from courses and units if they have taken similar or equivalent courses in their postgraduate studies with satisfactory performance (“B” grade or above). Supporting documents such as academic transcripts, course syllabus must be provided. Exemption for a maximum of six units may be granted. Applications will be assessed individually and subject to the University’s final approval.

Q8: How long will my studies at CUHK-Shenzhen last?
A: For 2020 Intake, students are required to successfully complete 42 units (provisional) before they can graduate. Under this requirement, you can choose to complete the program in 24 months (provisional) or alternatively, you may participate in a wide range of world-wide exchange programs or internship or research work or more elective course(s) which will stretch your study program to 36 months.

Q9: Does the Programme arrange internships or full-time work?
A: We will not arrange these, but we offer considerable resources and opportunities for students to identify alternatives and make their own choices. The unique Capstone Project provides students with an opportunity to develop independent problem-solving and research skills in real-world. In addition, our Career Development Center (CDC) has a well-structured career service team. Our services in this area include but are not limited to: Student Resume Books Making, “One-to-One” Career Counseling, Career Development Workshops, Industry Analysis and Skills Training Sessions.
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Q10: After completion of study, is it necessary to apply for certifying letter and/or transcript?
A: A complimentary set of certifying letter and full transcript (student copy) will be sent to student upon request by sending email to after the recommendation for graduation is endorsed by the Graduate Panel. Students who wish to obtain additional copy of transcript and/or certifying letter may submit applications to the Graduate School.

Q11: How long does it take to receive the complimentary set of certifying letter and full transcript?
A: Normally, the complimentary set of certifying letter and full transcript will reach students about 2 months after fulfilment of all graduation requirements (i.e. after release of grades for all courses taken).

Q12: How will the complimentary set of certifying letter and transcript be sent?
A: Normally, the complimentary set of certifying letter and transcript will be sent to students by EMS mail. To ensure proper delivery, please update the contact information to the Graduate School.

Q13: When will the graduation certificate be issued? How will it be sent to me?
A: The graduation certificates will be issued after the Congregation which is held in November/December each year. Students will be informed of the details of Congregation, graduation ceremony and collection of graduation certificate in October/November.
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