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Lecture Review | Be Active And Seize Opportunities

11/13/2019 Views:269

On November 8th, School of Management and Economics took great honor to invite Mr.He Yizhou, the CEO and senior manager in China from Australian Capital Equity to deliver a keynote speech on “Be Active And Seize Opportunities”. He inspired students with his vivid descriptions about his own career experience, particularly his story about Fuxing Corporation. On top of that, he emphasized the importance of socializing and staying calm for whomever in the field of investment.

After sharing his career experience, he introduced the Four Dimensions related to investment in his lecture. The Four Dimensions refer to Chinese people’s investment to China, Chinese people’s investment to foreign countries, foreigners’ investment to China as well as foreigners’ investment to foreign countries. In his opinion, Internet Industry in China has been entering into the last phase of its development, after which the goal should be developing oversea markets. As the top industry all over the world, Chinese Internet Industry could play a crucially functional role in oversea market, taking potential advantage in these dimensions and changing local ecological environments. There is no doubt that China could embrace the global capital market and it is unavoidable, which needs the participation and contributions of our younger generation.

In the Q and A Session, some students were curious about why Mr.He would decide to stay in Israel and according to him, “Israel market is worth developing. When it comes to technological products, China shows comparative advantage both in terms of economic development and structure transformation.” Mr.He also mentioned that, at that time, he already paid attention to what we now call strategy, namely, technology drives the economic prosperity of our next generation. Since the Internet could benefit the advancement of traditional industries, information communication could be realized. Take the example of block-chain and semi-conductor that China is taking great efforts to develop. There are two kinds of strategies for people to promote the development of technology: one is self inventing, the other is learning from others. The latter means that we shall be innovative enough to make our own products on the basis of oversea technological experience, which is of great significance both for the future development of Chinese economy and structure transformation.

Relating to the career choice, Mr.He said, “Many people might concern too much about the ‘Platform Issue’, but they are not the most important thing. What really matters is whether we could find out our potential and dedicate ourselves to whatever we are doing.”

Brief introduction of the speaker:

Mr. He Yizhou is the chief executive the general manager of Australian Capital Equity. Founded by the famous Australian entrepreneur Kerry Stokes AC, The Australian Capital Equity has become the largest integrated investment group in Australia with 40 years’ stable development. Many industries are involved like energy, industrial services, media, agriculture, food, real estate finance and other investment. Subsidiary corporations like The Seven Group Holdings, Wes Trac, Capilano, Seven West Media are the large well-known industrial groups in Australia. With nearly 20 years’ efforts, Australian Capital Equity took a stake in different fund programs like the Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Mobile TV, Beijing Mobile TV, Shanghai Daily, Chinese Culture Industry. It also has a great cooperative relationship with government, enterprises, and financial institutions.  
Written by Yuteng Yang
Photoed by Fiona Yuteng Yang
Executive editor: Wenxi Mai

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