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Time witnesses the born and growth of graduates| The First Graduation Ceremony and Dinner Party was held for postgraduates of Data Science Master Programme

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- Professor Zhang bohui (Project Director) and the 2019 graduates

On November 9th, 2019, 18 postgraduates of Data Science master Programme at The Chinese university of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) completed their postgraduate studies successfully, opening up a new chapter in their lives. Bathed in the sunshine of winter in Shenzhen, the 4th Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) was held at the Central Avenue. The Graduation Ceremony got the attendance of academician Zhiquan Luo, the vice president of CUHK(SZ); academician Shiping Zhu; Mr Jiancong Ruan; academician Shuxian Tang, dean of the Graduate School; Professor Baiwei Liao, the council member of CUHK(SZ), and more than 600 people including friends and families of postgraduates as well as people from all walks of life together witnessing a new journey for the postgraduates.

- The fourth Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony. All stood up with national anthem played and raised flag. 

-Text and pictures are referred to the Official Account of CUHK (SZ)

-Brilliant pictures of the 2019 graduates

In the evening, teachers from the Project Team held a Graduation Dinner Party in Xiangmixuan, wishing all the graduates the best in the future. Sometimes, we might face difficulties in our life, but we shall be tough and take an optimistic attitude towards life. As the first class of postgraduates majoring in data science, when entering into the school, they encountered a lot of uncertainties. Thanks to their trust and support, we can forge ahead and open up a new chapter of our lives. They also live up to their expectations with great career progress. Here, all teachers from the Project Team offer them their sincere wishes.

-Professor Zhuolan Bao, the council member of the Project Team offers her best wishes to the postgraduates.

-Group photo of Project Team staff

In the evening, class of 2018 graduates were invited to communicate with class of 2019. By exchanging ideas with the excellent graduates, it is hoped that great experiences can be passed generation after generation, so that class of 2019 can excel themselves.

- Communication between class of 2019 and class of 2018

- Communication between teaching assistants and students

-graduate (on the right) shows gratitude to teacher(on the left)

-Professor Bohui Zhang and graduate

Best Wishes to all the postgraduates of Data Science Master Programme!

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