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Student Story | Record of Internship in CMCRC in Sydney, Australia

12/13/2019 Views:341

Ever since the establishment of Master of Science in Data and Science Programme, it has close cooperative relationship with CMCRC, namely, Capital Markets Cooperative Research Center which can not only provide great opportunity for students majoring in date science to enjoy their overseas internships but also enables them to feel different life under various cultural backgrounds with the accumulation of working experience in their own fields. Today we invite Liqun Chen who is the the Class of 2018 and as the first student finishing her internships in CMCRC, she is also the scholarship winner. Let’s take a look at her overseas internship. 

“On August 14th this year, it was summer in Shenzhen but on 15th, it was actually winter in Sydney. I had my one month internship. Feeling nervous as well as anticipated, I arrived there ahead of four days so as to get familiar with the surroundings there. I still remember when I was walking on the street, people seemed do not dress themselves based on the weather conditions but feel free to do so according to their moods. And I was so impressed by those girls wearing skirts and T-shirts in spite of the windy day. The next day, I met supervisor Lin and supervisor Renee as our appointments and I got to know more about the things that I need to pay attention to before the overseas internships got started. The company is located in The Rocks which is the famous rocky area (In early September, I came across the popular tourist spots about Jay Chou in WeChat moments and Instagram but I failed to get this chance. Won’t cry.) 

After four days’ preparations, I started my internships on 19th. I was in MQD(Market Quality Dashboard) Team where supervisor Lin and supervisor Renee are included as well as three other colleagues and I was the only intern in the team then. My supervisor then was a girl from Vietnam and she is quite nice since she arranged the tasks for me on the basis of my working abilities. Whenever I met difficulties, teachers there would be very patient to help me better adjust to the working environment. In the workdays, we would have lunch together and enjoy chatting. We would also walk around our company and buy a cup of coffee when the weather is pleasant and we would finish our task in the afternoon. During my internships, supervisor Lin also showed me around NASDAQ and ASX which tickled my curiosity a lot. 

When it comes to my tasks in internships, I was required to complete the corresponding work based on the MQD workflow (ETL), which mainly includes the Extract of the steps of stock news crawler, the calculation of specific data indicators of stock market and the visual presentation (Loading) of data indicators of each stock market. To be honest, it is unlikely to get 100% familiar with the concrete procedures of ETL in a month but supervisor was son kind that she helped me master some of the key parts. Such kind of internships benefit my understanding of the key procedure in the team task and also improve my personal ability of data processing.

Every Friday afternoon, there is tea break in the company when we could appreciate the scenery while enjoying snacks and tea as well as exchanging ideas about our life. Cheers~
On weekends, since supervisor Renee has a Chinese sister, we would go shopping or hiking and we really enjoy it! There was a time we spent like one to two hours in Coogee Bondi Coastal Walk after we three finished the mini pot buffet, and we enjoyed window shopping in the nearby supermarkets. Finally we ended our beautiful day with Vietnam dishes. Scenery there are breathtaking. Dishes there are delicious. And I am on Cloud Nine! Since I got some friends in Sydney, we would hang out during weekends and get some food while talk a walk as well as experience different life styles.
I really had great time during my overseas internships in Sydney. When it was almost the end of my internships, members in our team saw me off with great dinner. Although it was just a month, I had memorable memories here and just as what supervisor Lin said, I was the happiest intern in MQD Team and for this, I totally agreed.

Introduction of the overseas internship scholarship:
Aims to encourage students to enjoy overseas internship, broaden their horizons and strengthen the contact with overseas business partners, the project team will award ¥10,000 overseas internship scholarship to one to three outstanding students every year. Whoever wants to apply for the scholarship needs to fill out the application forms and have interview and all qualified applicants must accept overseas internship offer and complete their internships.

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