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2019 Master of Data Science Program took a visit to Shenzhen with and the winning team from FinTech Innovation Competition of International University

12/09/2019 Views:320
Master of Data Science Program took a visit to Shenzhen with
and the 2019 winning team from FinTech Innovation Competition of International University 
On December 2nd and 3rd, Master of Data Science Program took a visit to Shenzhen with
and the 2019 winning team from FinTech Innovation Competition of International University, which is of great significance. Attendants are students from Class 18 and 19 of the Master of Data Science Program in The Chinese University of HongKong (Shenzhen) as well as the representative winning teams from Zhejiang University and Sichuan University. Students visited 7 leading enterprises including UBTECH, Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, PingAn Technology, head office of China Merchants Bank, Tencent, Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub. Students of Master of Data Science Program gained a lot and had clearer picture of their future career plan. In addiction to explore the business culture, the winning team also felt the college atmosphere and cultivate academic sentiment when visiting The Chinese University of HongKong (Shenzhen) and The Institute of Advanced Finance.

01. UBTECH Co., Ltd
Experts from UBTECH discussed with Students over their puzzles.
As the leading enterprise in the R&D of artificial intelligence and humanoid robots in China, UBTECH was valued at $5 billion, making the most valuable AI innovation enterprise in the world. Students took a visit to the UBTECH building where they knew Alpha robots, graphical robots and the lovely WukonChatBot. After that, experts from UBTECH shared their ideas about the corporation development and answered some questions. Students were passionate about getting involved and shared their unique perspectives as well.

02. Shenzhen Stock Exchanges
During the visit to Shenzhen Stock Exchanges(SSE), experts introduced the detailed development of SSE and exchanges of global capital market. Everyone is proud of our motherland after witnessing the transformation from capitalism to socialism and embracing the reform and opening up policy. Besides, students were exposed to some cutting-edge knowledge like financial technology, market supervision and deepened their understanding about these fields. 

03. PingAn Technology
As an expert in solving technological problems under the PingAn Insurance Group, PingAn Technology has been devoting itself to the empowerment of the Five Ecological Circles where finance, medical field, property, automobile, wisdom are included by applying artificial intelligence and cloud technology. During the visit, students were not only surprised by the cutting-edge technology and powerful ability of PingAn Technology, but also paid a visit to PingAn building, the highest building in Shenzhen and had a panoramic view of the breathtakingly beautiful scenery. 

04. Head Office of China Merchants Bank
In 1978, China Merchants Bank was born in Shekou, Shenzhen, the forefront of reform and opening up and it forged ahead in the tide of marketization, becoming one of the most influential commercial banks in China. During the visit, the winning team and students from the Chinese University of HongKong (Shenzhen) exchanged ideas with staff in the pavilion of commercial bank. 

05. Tecent
On the morning of December 3rd, students visited Tencent, one of China’s largest Internet integrated services providers. Students heard about the business landscape and mission of Tencent after the introduction. The mission of Tencent is “Users are the priority, technology are the premise” and students also experienced the VR Game in the exhibition hall. Experts were particularly invited to deliver speeches on the development of finance and data science, providing valuable advice for students’ further development. 

06. Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub
Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub is the last place during this visit. Qianhai Cooperation Zone combines six fields including financial industry, modern logistics industry, information service industry, technology services, professional services and public services. Relying on Hongkong, serving the mainland and facing the world, it will be the pearl of Shenzhen. Regarded as “the Heaven for global creators”, Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub includes more than 300 spawned entrepreneurial teams. Lots of ambitious winning team are eager to try and regard Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub as the heaven to fulfill their dreams.
Students benefited a lot in this visiting. In spite of two days, they witnessed the revolutionary journey of Shenzhen under the reform and opening up policy and Shenzhen has been forging ahead while staying committed to its origins. They also got clearer views about their future development with deeper understanding of finance technology industry. The end of this visiting journey marks the accomplishment of 2019 FinTech Innovation Competition of International University. See you next year!

Comments from Students
With the hard work of our teachers, we were lucky to get the chance to participate. In the in-depth communication with the HR from the commercial bank, I got a lot of information about industry dynamics, departmental functions and job recruitment information and we can see that the financial institutions are also very keen to recruit talents who can combine tradition with big data. The precious advice from the HR could be beneficial to our further development and sharpen our skills.
----Shanzu Bai from the Class of 2019 
Really appreciate that we could get the chance to visit enterprise where we could feel the internal atmosphere of corporations and expose ourselves to financial technology, from which we did benefited a lot! We not only noticed the specific requirements from corporations but the deeper we know about companies, the more benefit we might get for our life development.
----Yuanru Meng from the Class of 2019
It was a really tight schedule:from the maturity of Shenzhen Stock Exchanges to the modernity of growing enterprises, every corporation differs in their own characteristics, enabling students communicate and exchanges ideas in terms of career development. Such a great experience enables both students and enterprises got new sparkle in further development.
----Zhanbo Wang from the Class of 2019

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