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Wisdom from Mentors|Advantages of Master of Science in Data Science Programme

02/12/2020 Views:263

“The greatest characteristics of our programme is to cultivate inter-disciplinary talent with technical and business abilities. It is hoped that our students can master some useful skills, apply to the industry field and make contributions to the society.”

---- Prof. Junhua Zhao

Co-director of Master of Science in Data Science Program

Business Combines Technology, More Diversified Development

With the wide application of advanced technology such as big data and artificial intelligence in various fields, the demand for talents with both information technology and business knowledge is becoming greater and greater. Unlike the single lesson about big data, artificial intelligence and traditional finance and economics programs in many mainland universities, the Master of Science in Data Science Programme combines cutting-edge theories and methods in big data and business analysis. According to Prof. Junhua Zhao, co-director of Master of Science in Data Science Program, “The greatest characteristics of our programme is to cultivate inter-disciplinary talent with technical and business abilities. ”

In order to achieve the training goal, the program is equipped with teachers with management and technological science academic background. It is taught by teachers from School of Management and Economics, School of Science and Engineering, Shenzhen Big Data Research Institute and Shenzhen Advanced Finance Research Institute. “ For instance, Theories and Practices of finance technology, a course taught by the co-director Prof. Bohui Zhang, is a co-course for teachers with various academic backgrounds. Prof. Zhang is the main lecturer of this course and I also teach the AI part and encourage students to practice under the guidance of mentors.” Explained by Prof. Junhua Zhao.

With a background of business and technology, students in the data science program have a wider program enjoy wider chances of careers. For example, compared with financial engineering projects whose emphasis is placed on quantitative analysis, data science students can not only look for jobs in financial sectors but also in technology companies.” It is reported that 39% of the graduates of the Class of 2019 are employed by financial institutions such as Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Ant Financial and 23% are employed by technology-oriented enterprises such as Huawei and OPPO.


Develop Practical Skills and Employment-Oriented Principles

According to Prof. Junhua Zhao, the curriculum of this program is employment-oriented, focusing on industrial practice. Emphasizing on the cultivation of programming and quantitative analysis, this program offers cutting edge courses like big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, block-chain and so on and they are up to date while in line with the market’s expectations of talent. What’s more, the lecturers of these courses are not only professors but also senior industry executives. “We have invited senior practitioners from Ping An Technology, Harvest Fund and Baidu Venture Capital to give lectures to students. They not only bring the cutting-edge cases about industry and the most sophisticated experiences to the classroom, but also finish projects with students like the latest big data health-care project. By doing so, students can not only master more knowledge but also enjoy more opportunities in career.

“Our program is not just a reading test, instead, we encourage our students to learn by doing,” Prof. Zhao said. The Capstone Project covers a 6-credit graduation Project, which enables students to bring the cutting-edges projects back to their own graduation project designs. With the common guidance of industry experts and academic tutors on campus, students can have a better combination of theory and practice. Benefiting from the program, students can be recommended and enjoy many excellent internships. Most of the internship institutions are leading in the industry and represent the trend of the domestic industry like Ant Financial, Finance, PingAn Technology, Huawei, Tencent, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and so on. And the actual project that students are doing are very “down-to-earth” since they are the cutting-edge programs in the industry.

What impressed Prof. Zhao is a program about Finance where students could achieve a personal credit status with machine learning and e-commerce data analysis about personal credit status. “This kind of practical opportunity is very helpful to students’ further development. On the one hand, some students got the offer of enterprises after the internships in Ant Finance; on the other, rich practical experience is also a stepping stone for future employment. For example, a students who had internships in Morningstar got the offer from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.”

“In addiction to providing internship opportunities at top institutions in China, Prof. Bohui Zhang and I would make full use of our personal resources and build international opportunities for students to take practice.” Prof. Junhua Zhao Said. Currently, our program has established a summer oversea internship relationship with CMCRC (Capital Markets Cooperative Research Center) in Sydney. It is reported that graduates of the Class of 2019 also got offers from Shopee in Singapore.

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