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Student Story (Ⅳ) | I Went to Singapore After Graduation

04/07/2020 Views:265


Xinyi Tai

A Postgraduate of the Class of 2019, majoring in Data Science

Graduated from Dalian University of Technology, majoring in Information System (Bachelor’s Degree)

Currently Work at Shopee in Singapore (An E-commerce platform in southeast Asia and Taiwan)

Master of Science in Data Science Programme witnessed the recruitment of the Class of 2017 with its own establishment in the same year. With outstanding employment achievements, these graduates excelled themselves, among whom a student called Xinyi Tai shared her working experiences in Shopee and Capstone Project and how she felt about the internships.

1. Company And Self Introduction

Shopee is the largest e-commerce company in southeast Asia with headquartered in Singapore, branches in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China and its parent company is SeaGroup. With Tencent being the largest shareholder, Shopee went public in the year of 2017. Currently, Xinyi Tai is working as a data scientist sharing similar working responsibilities as an domestic algorithm engineer.

As the interdisciplinary profession, data scientists are defined as the scientists who can process data independently, do complex modeling, extract business value from various models, and have good communication skills. The advantage of a data scientist is that he or she is equipped with excellent cross-domain skills, which allow him or her to capture and analyze data as well as to model it in order to provide useful information for decision makers in a intriguing way. As a result, data scientist is a rising role globally, and there is still plenty of demand for this profession.

In the last semester, some students worked as the research assistants in laboratories and some did internships to prepare for employment. Benefiting from the project promotion of the partner company internship, I participated in many interviews, and also got to know Shopee.

Speaking of working in Singapore, Xinyi said she never thought about going to Singapore as an undergraduate but the internship offered by Data Science enabled her to learn more about Shopee and start a new journey in Singapore.

2. Capstone Project And Internship

Students are required to work on a graduation project, which is called the Capstone Project in the second year of Data Science aiming to enable students to apply what they have learned into practice. In

completing the whole Capstone Project, students can choose their own research topics first, and they are assigned tutors by the Project team later. Mentor choosing is a two-way process, namely students can choose the one they admire, and tutors can also choose the one they would like to work with.

According to Xinyi, Capstone Project is a pretty good bridge between study and practice. With practice, you will know how different practice and theories are. And Capstone can improve our abilities to make full use of the knowledge we learned. Besides, problems encountered in work are not quite the same as those in study. Problems solving ability with low cost and high efficiency are of more significance while the data quality encountered in our daily life still needs to improve with increasingly complicated situation. Therefore, benefiting from the Capstone Project, students are more flexible to combine what they’ve learned with specific situation in daily life and they can better adjust themselves to start a new career journey.

3. Feelings about Working after Graduation

On the one hand, Xinyi revealed that she really missed the time in school with comfortable accommodation atmosphere (It seems that "Longgang University", the nickname of CUHKSZ, with pleasant environment and high-quality living conditions really lives up to its reputation.) Specifically, washers, dryers and refrigerators are all ready

and everything is well equipped. But after graduation, you’ve got to find somewhere to live on your own. ( FYI, the accommodation fee is only 1200 RMB per year in CUHKSZ.)

On the other, knowledge that we learn in school can be applied to our professions as long as the latter can match our majors. For example, data science is divided into two major directions: Big Data Analysis and Business Analysis. Xinyi herself chose the direction of Big Data Analysis. She also chose courses similar to data mining, optimization and programming and focused on related professions as well. So when working, you will notice that what you’ve learned in school is actually very practical and of high value.

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