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Three Students of the Class of 2019 from Master of Science in Data Science Programme Get Admission to the Oversea Exchange Program of 2020-2021

04/07/2020 Views:240

Having Been through highly competitive progress, Xugang Qian, Pengyi Cui, Zhigang Xiong, students of the Class of 2019 from Master of Science in Data Science Programme got admitted into the exchange program of The University of Texas at Dallas, The Technical University of Munich, Germany, and Humboldt University of Berlin respectively and they will start their new journey in the fall of 2020 with the ending in the Spring of 2021.

There are some high requirements for applicants according to the selection criteria for overseas exchange programs. Applicants are required to provide a competitive GPA (full mark of 4), language scores, and other relevant academic credentials. Students getting the program offer can enjoy the same rights as students of the school, for example, they can study and live together, make full use of the resources in different colleges including facilities on campus like library, and can feel free to choose classes, attend academic lectures as well as enjoy tutor's guidance exclusively on campus.

Q: Why did you choose oversea exchange programs?

A: Xugang Qian( Get admission to the exchange program of The University of Texas at Dallas)

As I am an undergraduate student majoring in business, I do not lay a very solid foundation in my computer and mathematics while UTD offers many basic courses related to computer, such as computer network, data structure algorithm, and so on and I hope I can take good advantage of this program and become a qualified IT man XD. In addition, I still want to experience more before I settle down to fulfill my career goal. I learn that people in Texas are honest and hardworking, and I wish I could enjoy the exchanging program.

I really appreciate the programme team for their support of my successful application. In fact, I was quite confused when applying for the exchange program at the very beginning since I might not get the chance to attend Autumn Recruitment Conference and miss the Capstone Project. However, after communicating with the Project manager Ms Summer who provided me a lot of valuable suggestions and help and I finally determined my mind to this exchange program. It is suggested that students who want to apply for the exchange program should adjust their career plan, study the curriculum of the

exchange institution and choose their most suitable programs!

Pengyi Cui( Get admission to the exchange program of The Technical University of Munich, Germany)

In my opinion, exchange programs of foreign countries bring the transformation of identities from individuals to members of groups, the change of our environment from familiar to unfamiliar, the shift from native cultural atmosphere to foreign one. This kinds of transformation enables me to step out of my comfort zone and get exposed to various views, thus making me more inclusive and embrace the potential world. In a word, I would be regretful if I did not seize the opportunities to embrace the world in my young age.

When I was an undergraduate, I failed to participate in exchange programs because of some special reasons, which I regretted very much. Therefore, I made up my mind to have a try as soon as I entered the graduate school. The Master of Science in Data Science Programme takes students a year and a half to complete all the courses, but it takes two years to fulfill the whole Master Programme, so I can join the exchange program in the new semester. With comprehensive consideration, I chose the exchange program of The Technical

University of Munich which is one of the top 3 universities in Germany, and it is a typical science and engineering school and its programs are especially suitable for students majoring in data and science. Moreover, Mr. Andre Milzarek, the tutor of course optimization in the first semester, is from The Technical University of Munich and I was deeply impressed by his profound academic foundation and rigorous mathematical thinking. I talked with him after the class and I shared my ideas that I wanted to go to The Technical University of Munich as an exchange student in my second year. Besides, the living atmosphere in Europe is also what I yearn for very much. People in Europe work pretty hard while also enjoy relaxing lifestyle. Last but not the least, I will be serious about my study and job before I start my exchange journey next year.

Zhigang Xiong( Get admission to the exchange program of Humboldt University of Berlin)

During my undergraduate study, I was lucky to join the exchange program in the business school in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I experienced a different learning atmosphere from home, the unique cultural heritage of northern Europe, as well as made friends with different people, and discussed with

them about their views on life. Meanwhile, during that period, I traveled to nearly 10 countries and experienced various kinds of customs of each country, which really broadened my horizons. Therefore, when I learned that there would be exchange opportunities in the period of postgraduate study, I thought of Europe with great expectations again.

Known as the "Mother of Modern Universities", Humboldt University of Berlin is the first new university in the world to integrate scientific research and teaching with brilliant history. There are 29 Nobel Prize winners in total in the history of Humboldt University of Berlin. For example, Einstein, Hegel, Marx and other Nobel Prize winners have taught or studied here before. I am deeply attracted by the profound heritage of Humboldt University of Berlin, and it is quite thrilling to think that one day you may “share” a desk with a Nobel Prize winner. Therefore, I chose Humboldt University of Berlin and I applied for its exchange program. Honestly, I wish I could fulfill my dream of visiting all the Schengener Staaten benefiting from the exchange program.

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