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Applications Schedule | The First Round of Summer Camp Will Be Closed Soon

05/09/2020 Views:225

The first round of application for the 2020 Excellent College Students Summer Camp will be closed on May 10th, please submit the application as soon as possible!

The second round of application will open on May 11th.

*Those who failed the first round of summer camp cannot apply for the second round, but they can apply again in their senior year with the normal application process.

The application information of Summer camp

1. Application Time:

First round: April 1st, 2020 - May 10th, 2020

Second round: 11th, May - 20th, June, 2020

2. Admission Requirement:

Target students: graduates majoring in science and technology, economics and finance with solid knowledge of mathematics, mathematics and programming.

3. Application Requirement:

Applicants must meet the following three criteria:

Undergraduate students (graduating students in 2021), not limited to majors;

For students from the "Project 985/211" universities, their grades in the first three years (or the first five semesters) of their undergraduate studies are in the top 30% of their majors or grades.

For students who are not from the " Project 985/211 "universities, their first three years of undergraduate study (or the first five semesters) ranked in the top 10% of their major or grade.

English proficiency requirements: No less than 550 scores in CET-4; Or no less than 520 scores in CET-6; Or not less than 6.5 scores in IELTS (academic) ; Or at least 79 scores on TOEFL; Or no less than 21 scores GMAT (Verbal) ; Or any other test that demonstrates English proficiency.

4. Application Material:

Scanned Copy: school transcript of the first 3 years (or the first 5 semesters) of undergraduate study (stamped by the school/academic administration department);

Scanned Copy: undergraduate first 3 years (or the first 5 semesters) school performance ranking (sealed by the department/department of academic affairs) template: refer to the official website  (download the materials);

Scanned Copy: copies of relevant English proficiency certificates, such as CET-4, CET-6, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, etc.;

Personal Statement (English) : about 600 words;

Resume (Chinese and English);

Provide at least two recommendation letters. Referrer will automatically receive the email.

Scanning: Other certification materials, such as copies of published papers, awards, various certificates, etc.

Upload self-introduction video within 1 minute (recorded in English)

* Note: the recommendation letter should be sent to the email address of the project team directly by the referrers.

5. Application Fee

The application fee is 100RMB and there is no refund.

6. Contact

Telephone:+86 (755) 8427 3878

Programme Website:

Application Website:

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